What’s in YOUR Brown Bag?

The “Brown Bag Review” of medications is a common practice that encourages patients to bring all of their medications and supplements to medical appointments.  This provides clinical staff with an opportunity to review and discuss the medications that the patient is taking.  Reviewing medications with your patient may help you to:

  • Answer the patient’s questions.
  • Verify what the patient is taking.
  • Identify and/or avoid medication errors and drug interactions.
  • Assist the patient to take medications correctly.

Conducting brown bag reviews has been VERY eye-opening for many practices, and most feel it is a worthwhile thing to do.  The challenge is getting the patient to bring in their medications.

It helps to have a full-scale campaign whereby everyone in the practice is stressing its importance and many different tactics are employed.  Here are a few suggestions:
What to bring: Review with patients what to bring.

  • All prescription medicines (including pills and creams).
  • All over-the-counter medicine they take regularly.
  • All vitamins and supplements.
  • All herbal medicines.

Brown Bag – Medication Check Up
Wednesday, November 28th & December 26, 2012, 9am – 12pm
Edward White Hospital, 2323 9th Ave North, St. Petersburg, FL
Appointments will be offered every 15 minutes between 9a – 12noon.

Bring all medications (including Rx, over the counter, herbal products) for an informative review by Kristie Wallace, Edward White Hospital Pharmacist.

Reservations Required. Call 1 877 442 2362

For more information on Edward White Hospital and Events, go here:

credit to: http://www.nchealthliteracy.org/toolkit/tool8.pdf

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