Getting Strong While You Sit

Chair aerobics is a seated exercise routine involving movements of your arms and legs in a dance-like manner. The objective is to increase your heart rate by moving your body. Movements can include arm raises above head and out to the side, elbow bends, shoulder extensions and arm swings. Leg movements include leg kicking and knee extensions, heel slides and toe taps. There are also variations of jumping jacks and dance moves that can be included in your routine. Dance moves include a variation of the Charleston step.

Being restricted to a chair shouldn’t interfere with your cardio exercises. Performing both stretches and aerobics from your chair can  help you burn calories while exercising your heart and lungs. Perform your exercises for at least 30 minutes, four to five times a week. Begin exercising slowly and increase your pace as your body becomes accustomed to the extra activities.
Chair exercises can be very beneficial for seniors, offering a safe way to get a good workout. Some chair exercise programs are regular exercise programs, often accompanied by music. Chair dancing programs offer dance moves and tunes ranging from the Charleston to hip hop. A chair boxing workout offers aggressive self-defense exercises.

It’s important for seniors to continue to exercise to keep muscles toned and joints flexible as well as to enhance general health. An article in the journal “American Family Physician,” reports that regular exercise is associated with longer and healthier lives for seniors.

Sometimes known as chair aerobics, chair exercises allow seniors to get in shape or keep fit. These exercises can improve circulation, mental alertness, sense of balance, energy level, metabolism, joint flexibility and muscle strength. Avoid overdoing it, since achieving a steady rate of progress is essential for any effective workout routine, according to the National Institutes of Health.

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